Fist Master weakening

István Tóth

Yesterday i fight with 0gr 17rr Fist Master. I'm 3gr 9rr Grand Master, so I had full stats and in the same time I had on my character full stat elf buffs. And the Fist Master just killed me with one spell. You must have to weakening the Fist Master. He is much stronger then any other character.


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Belarus Plisko

согласен РФ какой то через чур активный



If u can count % Quanlity of REflection etc... u can see like 23% of Reflection spell by summoner only garantee what 25 % dmg he resive by himself. Under set item+ref = 5+5+5+5+5 %(ALREADY like 50% +wings5%ref+7%ignor ( mean`s my ref ignor his def and for 7% of total dmg belong to Reflect out of his dmg by my reflection strike. ) ...

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