Elf buffs

István Tóth

Elf buffs duration are so little. I think it would be good to extend from 2 mins to atleast 5 mins or I dont know, adjust with the energy stat. More energy more buff time.


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Or Item STR on Ice socet at Option Socet Adition + skill Tree also have grow up skill durable inc by % of power . TimeKeeper for my case - better than not ofet like 2.30 min . All Max bafff - no more than 10
Coz- I tell u why .
Max Passive what u can resive is about 13-14 pcss.
If u resive all by period of 10min - okey cast survive .
but if Castle Sige is Granted like 30 min and all 30 min max baff enemy`s- Hard to Ruin Enemy`s FronT attack. Better 1by1 falling with them .
Easy for % of kpd...


Belarus Plisko

при смерти и так сбивается
но когда стоишь в пати например из 5 игроков,пока каждому кастанёт валить не будет успевать